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Our Certifications

 As an underground utility company with decades of experience in the pipeline construction industry, R&R Pipeline Incorporated has multiple certifications, acknowledged and appreciated by the developers and contractors in the industry.

Metrolink Certified

We are safety trained with Metrolink of Southern California. We were awarded a 120" RCP "time sensitive" contract under a crossing project in Canyon Country last year with over 20' excavations. That contract was brought in 33% ahead of schedule, maintaining compliance with all safety and engineering requirements throughout the project. Staying ahead of schedule is commonplace for our company.

Safety - SWPPP (Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan)

Today's construction medium will not allow any of us to be complacent when it comes to environmental and safety protocol. "Staying ahead of the pack" requires full-time coordination, implementation, and constant surveillance to be successful. We have a full-time safety coordinator on board to facilitate these activities. You can expect to see him on your projects, repeatedly protecting both our company and your firm from regulatory infractions.


We carry industry-wide certifications for liability and compensation. Diligent training and conscientious, daily safety management techniques have been instilled into all of our employees. Our intention is to continue and build upon this solid foundation.